El Hortera - Cocktail Restaurant

You must have
a really good taste
to be so tacky

What is “El Hortera”?

El Hortera is a three floors historic building with several rooms and many environments.
El Hortera is a cocktail bar and a restaurant:
A cocktail bar where you can eat.
A restaurant where you can have a drink.

Who is behind El Hortera?

LETSGO, producer of the series The Hole, The Addams Family, Medias Puri and Dirty Dancing.
Specialists in shows that will turn your visit into an experience. Discover it yourself!
Make your reservation and come to have some cocktails, to snack on something or brunch with friends.
The best atmosphere and music are guaranteed!

How is El Hortera?

El Hortera is an establishment with 3 floors, each designed with a specific intention:

The Restaurant

On the top floor.
It is the floor with the most extensive menu,
It includes gourmet sampling menus and more elaborated dishes.
A space designed for those whose main intention is to have lunch or dinner.
A mix of ingredients as original as the provocative decoration that sourrounds it.
In addition to a large dining room, the restaurant also includes two reserved areas for small groups;
Cute, but just as tacky.

The Cocktail Bar

On the central floor.
An old chapel from the 18th century remodeled with great taste to surprise you and every tacky people who come to try Carlos López cocktails. Probably the best cocktails in Madrid.
Oh! And no worries even though you haven't come to El Hortera to have dinner, you can still snack something if you get hungry or dizzy at some point; the cocktail bar also has a menu with simpler dishes to enjoy while having a drink at our cocktail bar or you can just go up to the restaurant upstairs and try our complete menu (space permitted).


Dress code

This tacky environment so carefully landed is the result of a lot of work that’s why we advise our costumers to come dressed for the occasion and accordingly with the restaurant. If your wardrobe is not assorted enough or you come straight from a wedding in Ascot, you can request a piece of clothing that helps you get into the scene.
You know…what you eat at the restaurant or drink in the cocktail bar is your own business, but appearances are appearances.

Where is El Hortera?

Calle de la Bolsa 12, Madrid

Opening time:
Tuesday to Friday from 18:00h to 02:00h
Saturday from 13:00h to 2:00h
Sunday from 13:00h to 18:00h

Phone number: +34 91 005 97 27

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